Updating forms due to fmla changes

Employees cannot be required to use accrued sick or vacation leave during his or her time off.Absences due to a workers' compensation claim or short–term disability may also be counted along with FMLA leave.For doctor appointments or physical therapy, employers may inquire as to the possibility of these appointments being scheduled outside the employer’s normal working hours.

The FMLA is an act of Congress, enacted in 1993 which provides protections for employees who must be away from work due to injury or illness of the employee or to give care to a family member during a period of injury or illness.At the end of an employee’s FMLA leave, the employee is entitled to return to work in his original job or substantially equivalent alternative right away.An employee can be required to give notice of the date he intends to return to work, but an employer may not require an employee to extend his leave while waiting for a position to be available.Therefore, unexpected absences in the form of FMLA intermittent leave can greatly damage productivity and planning.To help alleviate this problem, use a calendar-year method to regulate FMLA leave.

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