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Enjoy articles with vivid photography and animation.

And take a deep dive into today’s hot topics — with full versions of your favorite magazines — on Apple News .

Apple News editors handpick the best stories and deliver them right to you.

These must-reads include everything from the latest headlines to in-depth special-interest pieces.

There has been a lot of times I'll click on this app because it's supposed to be a convenient way to get informed to find they don't even have anything posted about current affair.

In fact most of the news that's on this app is crap.

And we don’t allow advertisers and publishers to track you — so only you know what you’ve read.

It's been about 24 hours since I last went on and i'm seeing the same posts from yesterday and several days ago.

Started out that you could look at news on this app without worrying about paying.

Users are therefore reminded to use the service responsibly and are advised to abide by international laws and external websites policies.

refresh this is not responsible for the content of external sites, nor is it responsible for the URL's users decide to auto refresh.

Quickly scan recommendations throughout your Today feed.

These updates include full magazine issues for Apple News subscribers.

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Features:• Share stories with your friends via email or Twitter• Save stories to a favorites list for later review• Receive notifications of breaking news Easily access the very latest news from Twin Falls, ID with this fast, easy-to-use mobile app built especially for your device.

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