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The dating industry is enormous, with only the US market being worth a couple of billion dollars.Under these circumstances, even if you can't compete with the biggest fish in the sea, launching your dating website can be an excellent idea.You can see filtered users list who fall within a specified age range, gender, and a certain distance from your location.It also displays the list of mutual friends between you and your match.Also, you have to do a ton of work before you can start getting any of that money back.Instead, why not try out your skills at running a risk-free dating site with Zodate?It is one of the most powerful and easy to customize dating site scripts on the market.Setting up your dating site with Zodate is extremely easy.

To get matched, both yourself and the other person need to “Like” each other’s profiles.

You can have a seamless conversation with your match using the integrated chat module where you can start expressing your thought and have fun.

If you are planning to create the next big & best dating website, then you are in the right place.

If you haven’t communicated with a profile, then it will appear at the top of the screen in the “New Matches” section.

Users can use this section to start a conversation with a random person where they can also see their previous chat conversations in the history section.

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A single admin dashboard will have all your set-up and customization options.

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  1. He realized what he did and closed the app really quickly. Things were awkward between us after that and later that week, he told me he didn’t want to be exclusive (which I figured at that point). "I didn’t catch my boyfriend on apps—I caught him talking to girls through his Play Station messenger.