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Through these encounters I have discovered their personalities to be equally as appealing as their looks.In my experience Russian women have proven themselves to be humble, sweet and polite.First are the men who are looking for Russian wives either online or physically going to Russia in search.There are programs in which you can go to Russia with a tour group in hopes of finding a Russian girlfriend.That being said the really question is what do Russian women think of American men?Firstly let us differentiate between the two kinds of American men that Russian women will date or marry.Russian women are no different; an American man is exotic to them because American men are not the normal guys they interact on a day to day basis.

I have been to Russia numerous times and have also met many Eastern European women here in America.This type of guy seems to have more long term success with his Russian girl than the first guy described.Think about how women in America act when they hear a British or Australian accent, they love it.I have heard many Russian women explain that their American boyfriend or husband treats them like the maid.Meaning the men expects the women to do all the cooking and cleaning for the household.

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Generally, American men are more loving, caring and kind than Russian men.

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