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They have a strong faith and can be seen as stubborn in their old ways.

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and NOT from Bible school."Evan closeted way before he ever won gold. These old farts are the only ones attending the shows today and they didn't like homosexuals in 1955.[quote]Straight guys don't crush on Pamela Anderson.

He has been playing the lying game for going on 7 years now. This reminds me of the 80s when closeted guys would pretend to crush on Linda Evans, thinking that she was the straight male's idea, not realizing that straight men were definitely NOT into Linda Evans. I have a closeted friend who is a cop and he pretends to have this big thing for Pam Anderson.

Johnny Weir basically said that himself on Chelsea Lately. This reminds me of the 80s when closeted guys would pretend to crush on Linda Evans, thinking that she was the straight male's idea, not realizing that straight men were definitely NOT into Linda Evans. My friend is an ice skating trainer, one of his students was in the Olympics this year.

I don't why that's such a reach for DL to believe that someone here could know such a person. Has DL really turned into just bunch of fangirlz and pimply homos in their mothers' basements in Atlanta who dream some day of meeting someone who knows someone who once shook hands with Johnny Depp?

Yeah everyone knows it outside the skating world as well.

You have to be a skating dork, ensconced within that bizarro world where Johnny Weir apparently stands out as particularly effeminate among a group of lithe young men in sequined unitards, for this to even be in question The level of veracity of gossip has sunk really low on Datalounge lately. Or I remember hearing five or seven years such and such is true. I am not talking about how good (as in juicy) the gossip is or is not, R22.

Just because Evan can't relate to his dance instructor doesn't make him homosexual. It was persistently reported in the skating press that Evan was romantically involved with Tanith.

My guess is Elijah Wood is coming out May 5th, else somebody who's career is dead and needs the media boost, so come out. Just surprising.r48, what the fuck are you talking about? That person has, in the last five minutes, posted another lame response at R49. ) is bringing back the World Professional Figure Skating Championship for December 2010 at Madison Square Garden? I'm sure Evan is not planning to skate any more Olympic eligble events so they would need him to headline. That would be a great next olympics will be all about Russia's quest for gold as this was about Canada's quest. By the time of the next Olympics it will be a faded myth. The guy's winning performance was nothing less than amazing. This is a 'honesty with the people who pay your bills' issue R69.

I find it much more fun and worthwhile and even worth thinking about or considering, R25, if there is some type of evidence. Do I need photo documentation of bathroom blow jobs to satisfy you? You and those like you have taken all the fun out of this site. I looked at the replies you referenced and they are all consistent and don't reference each other. All the replies I mentioned are from the SAME POSTER. Evan would be a fool to go (as well as the fact that in four years there will be a whole new crop of skaters). Clear Channel would never air Johnny Weir, they have a long history of homophobia and exclusion.

Unless the Russians ice dancers stay eligible, they have no medal contenders in 2014.

I'm not R83 and I certainly do not think being called gay is an insult, but you have absolutely zero evidence that Evan Lysacek is gay.

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Had dinner last night with a friend of his who confirmed it. So maybe that means that, since it's getting to the point where he can't hide it, that he's the MAY 5TH celebrity.

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