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One of his first experiences in voice work was in 1979, when he became an Eagle Scout in Troop 16 based in Baltimore.

Joining the scouts led him to work on a service project at the Maryland School for the Blind, at which he read out loud to students, which raised his interest in both writing as well as narrating.

He also started a campaign entitled “I Make America”, in collaboration with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.“Please tell me #Returning The Favor hasn't been canceled. His pitchwork also continued, with him being the spokesperson for Novartis animal health, and Viva paper towels.

I'm desperate to see something that doesn't depress me.” Clair A. In 2017, he was a guest in the premiere episode of “This Old House”.

He mentioned in an interview that he feels that business owners and regular workers receive unfair criticism when it comes to the US political system.

Mike launched his own website called mikerowe in 2008, which is focused on the crumbling state of infrastructure, and the decline in blue collar trades, an effort to support trade activism, about which he is very passionate. He works on his own podcast in partnership with Red Seat Ventures entitled “The Way I Heart It with Mike Rowe”, and spoke to delegates during the Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference “Skills USA” held in Kansas City, Missouri.

He’s also done work as a pitchman and an actor, and as he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Mike was born into a family of teachers with both of his parents having careers in the academe.

He has worked for numerous other high-profile television networks, including National Geographic, and The Science Channel.

Here's a sneak peak at this weeks podcast, filmed in vivid Technicolor for your viewing pleasure, and recorded on what appeared to be a very expensive microphone.

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