Who is nora jones dating

They never got married and their affair was short-lived.

Jones didn’t want her daughter talking about her relationship with the famous Indian singer so her paternity was kind of a little secret.

The star says her breakout success was a little nutty as it all happened so fast and she became a multi-award winning singer.

Date of Birth: March 30, 1979 Zodiac Sign: Aries She began singing in church and also took piano and voice lessons as a child.

She was named Top Jazz Artist of the 2000-2009 decade.However, Jones’ new baby is not the only interesting thing about this announcement, because wenotes he is a musician.Jones, unlike many other celebrities who choose to share every intimate detail of their lives with the public, has opted to keep her private life very secret.Norah still attends church and sees herself as a spiritual being rather than being deeply religious.Despite her extraordinary success, the famous singer has managed to remain well-grounded, humble and down-to-earth; this combined with her brilliant musicianship continues to endear millions of fans around the world.

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