Who is vanessa simmons dating now 2016

Capitalizing on her TV fame, Angela and her sister then landed their own spin-off show Daddy’s Girls which chronicled their lives in Los Angeles as they began their own business, Pastry Shoes.

Daddy’s Girls ran for 16 episodes and 2 seasons, ending in September 2009.

Read Also: Lisa Boothe’s Age, Bio, Married, Wiki, Measurements, Husband, Education Angela and Sutton’s relationship has been subject to much speculation.

Angela celebrated her bump with an exclusive baby shower at Sugar Factory in New York City attended by close friends and family.

In September 2016, she gave birth to her first child, a boy named Sutton Jr after his father.

During that period, she’s posted pictures of herself without wearing her engagement ring. So what in you allowed someone to love you wrong ???

As if those were not enough reasons to spark break up speculations, Simmons has posted rather cryptic messages which fans suspect might be referring to Sutton. What could keep someone in a situation that just isn’t right ??

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Guess fans would just have to wait and see how the story unravels.

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