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If there is you don't have premium audio because that is where the woofer is located in my car.

@Bill_75D - Does every Pano roof car have the XM antenna, or just premium audio versions?

If you have the one piece glass sunroof, it doesn’t have a built in XM antenae so you will have to rig one up. My issue is I need a 2018 premium tuner with xm mine does not have xm so I need a vin # of a car that has xm in it.

I might ask the service center next time I am there about this....For those who do not want XM, just do not activate it.Slacker and Tunein might be good, but they are not XM radio which has exclusive content (sports, Stern, etc.) My 2016 has a pano roof and premium audio. When you open your trunk is there an opening at the right rear side just like the opening on the left side?(Edit) well sometime last year (2018), they updated the app, and now it is useless, because it play for 30 seconds and stops. Same issue of music stops after 30 seconds or so on a song. What is the point of having this app if I can't even listen while playing games?Doesn't look like Sirius XM seems to care, given how long this has been going. No one wants to sit around and listen to radio on their Xbox if they can't play games at the same time.

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The car only comes with XM if you choose the sunroof AND premium audio.

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