Laut TMZ habe die 25-jährige Thompson einen Brief an Aguilera geschrieben und erklärt, sie sei ein großer Aguilera-Fan und „extrem daran interessiert, Christina als Sprecherin für die Webseite“ zu gewinnen.

Viele Fans zeigten sich in Foren und auf Facebook über das Angebot verärgert.

When the brother that started it [Clarence 13 X] went out into the streets and started this kind of stuff in New York, this stuff was mainly in New York.

Guru: That’s the projects where Poor Righteous Teachers are from. The brotha did that so that the mindstate could change. If you feel like you got your knowledge of self together, then give it to the next man. “Oh, you this kinda Muslim, you that kinda Muslim.” They got more than six types of Muslims! But it’s a mystic law that means being a good person and what you do comes back on you! I support anything that uplifts the humanity and uplifts the black man.

They may not believe in God the way someone else might see it.

They got me outta a lot of trouble when I was wildin’ when I was younger. They brought that to me to get me on the right path.

This website has to of course include some history and information about the particularly annoying fruit flies that breeds in an impressive pace.

Positive,” I’d say “Let’s all hold hands.” But I don’t rhyme like that. Although additional information remains unknown at this time, the conversation took place shortly after Gang Starr’s January, 1991 release of their acclaimed sophomore album, . Adisa Banjoko: Why’d [Gang Starr] leave Wild Pitch Records? They had me kinda frustrated, as far as creativity. All that does not impress a real person who has been through it. Adisa Banjoko is founder the Hip-Hop & Chess Federation (@Hip Hop Chess). I did not want a mansion and a limo to take me everywhere. I wanted to be able to not take the train and have people pointing at me. Vielleicht könnte sie das ja über eine Werbekampagne noch anderen Frauen vermitteln?Noch hat Aguilera das Angebot nicht offiziell angenommen, auf Youtube kursiert aber bereits ein Video-Schnipsel, der für das Portal "The Big And The Beautiful" wirbt - mit Aufnahmen von Christina Aguilera und einem Ausschnitt aus ihrem Song "Love your Body".

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Initially conducted for Black Panther newspaper Sitting next to Gang Starr partner DJ Premier, Guru and Banjoko’s ’91 conversation took place during San Francisco’s Galvin Convention, on the steps of radio station KPOO. I listen to “Double Trouble.” Run-DMC, they changed the format. His lyrics, and the way he displays his lyrics show that. It does not matter, look at his styles and the way he flips his lyrics.

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